Snow ramps

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Snow ramps always attract massive attention. Whether you need a small ramp for tobogganing, a huge competition and show ramp for professional sports or a customized construction – we deliver! All our ramps are temporary structures that are constructed to comply with building regulations or TÜV standards. We also provide the safety technology and ramp covers.

  • Toboggan and ski ramps

Everybody can enjoy a fast ride down our toboggan or ski ramps. The ramps range from tobogganing ramps to ramps which can only be used for skiing or snowboarding – it’s your choice.

  • Competition and show ramps

At Big Air events such as NOKIA Air+Style or Skipass Modena, ski and snowboard freestylers show breathtaking jumps and fascinate thousands of spectators. We offer customized Big Air or rail park ramps for major snowboard and freestyle ski competitions and shows.

  • Specials

A staircase becomes a competition area for freestyle skiers, a wall turns into a halfpipe – no problem at all. We offer professional special constructions such as obstacles, jumps, and halfpipes for freestyle contests.

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